The Doc is IN

Certified through Harley-Davidson University

with a Ph.D in BAD bike behavior...


HD Motorcycle Repairs, Maintenance, Upgrades and Custom Builds or (my favorite) Restorations.

By Appointment Only:



This is a website in progress cause I'm better at building bikes than webpages.  Harley Davidson Motorcycle repairs, maintenance and upgrades is the backbone of my business and my rates are about HALF the dealer rates.  I'm a certified HD master mechanic and have been working on bikes for about 45 years. If you're in Southern CA, you'll love my work, my rates and insurance work is no problem. Also, visit my store on EBAY at CycletherapyDoc for parts, front-ends, wheels, etc.  Stock changes all the time, so keep checking back or email me for info.

Big news RIGHT NOW:  Taking orders for my newly released CUSTOM BUILD - The 4888. Inspired by the iconic 1948 Panhead and the reliability and performance of the TwinCam 88, it's the best of both worlds.  Classic character of the early days - with late model punch. 90% Genuine Harley-Davidson parts. far.....

Just pulled it out of the living room....
Wait til you see it with the emblems (camera died just before they arrived).
Me and my new baby. Don't tell my wife I said that - and don't mention there's no passenger seat here!
TwinCam 88 Motor - a real pain to retrofit - but there she sets!
The real McCoy - this is a 1948 Panhead. The star of the Harley Davidson world.

Some features of The 4888 include:

          Four-piston disc brakes

          Six-Speed Transmission

          TwinCam 88" Factory-Crate Motor

          Digital Ignition

          Metzler ME 880 Tires

          Four-Phase Charging System

          Plus Character, Class, Sweat, Style and Super Performance


OK... Who's the Clown? (Can't take myself TOO seriously, after all...)